Enjoy the food and hope you love every recipe that you try. Thanks for sharing your great review. Pour in lemon juice then bring mixture to a simmer, reduce heat slightly and let simmer until liquid has reduced by about half, about 2 minutes. To really infuse this delicious Lemon Butter Sauce that is made with butter, fresh lemon juice and wine I like to quickly dip the chicken in the sauce or drizzle them several times to really get that … My family told me that the chicken is very delicious w/o the sauce, but I prefer to get the flavor of the sauce inside the chicken. I did make some changes. I just don’t get it. Thank you both, Kate and Natasha. Natasha, My husband said it is the best chicken he has ever had. They are very special meals in our home and you always make cooking look easy! My daughter called it the bomb. No problems with coating staying on I think having the pan oiled well and hot helps. I used 1 cup of panko bread crumbs and 1 cup of parmesan cheese instead of the flour/parmesan mix, used cooking spray in my pan, and baked at 375 for 30-35 minutes. Hi Peter, not at this time. Easy to make and brightens up often dull chicken. Loved this recipe and it was easy to do. Always simple and flavor packed. Cook’s Tip – If the chicken crust begins to brown too quickly, reduce heat allowing the chicken to fully cook through. Thank you for sharing that with us! I hope it becomes a new favorite for you! And I am memorizing the lemon sauce recipe😍. Thanks for your great review too! This was amazing. My husband loved it and wanted more. That’s just awesome Patty! Thanks for the good feedback! I cannot find one. Thank you! I’m so happy you enjoyed that. Thank you! Followed the recipe to the letter and wouldn’t change a thing. My husband thought the flavor was very good even without all the Parmesan crust. Thanks for sharing that with us. Allow the sauce to cook over med heat for about 2 minutes. I used 1 cup of panko bread crumbs and 1 cup of parmesan cheese instead of the flour/parmesan mix..” I hope that helps. This was AMAZING! To make the lemon butter sauce, add some more butter to the skillet. No big deal. One of my go-to side dishes for chicken like so is steamed or roasted asparagus or broccoli, then I also like to serve it with orzo. Hope you also love the lemon chicken recipe! Do you think I could sub in the flour for Bob’s Red Mill 1 for 1 GF flour? This was by far the best chicken recipe I’ve ever made. I have made 19 of your recipes. Thank you so much for your amazing feedback. Don’t forget to mix the lemon sauce for fish, chicken etc just before serving, as the lemon and herbs tend to settle at the bottom. Thank you for sharing your recipe Natasha! *2 (10 oz.) I’m so happy you loved it. Then, just continue with the remaining recipe instructions. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Learn how your comment data is processed. Maybe baking instead of frying next time. Continue breading the chicken the chicken until all are nestled in a single layer in the pan. Hi Dena, I imagine that should work too but I haven’t tried that yet to advise if it would give out the same result. The chicken breasts I used (pictured above) look big because I’ve already flattened them out but they we’re small to begin with, so be sure you are sticking with 4 small breasts or halving 2 large through their thickness. Thanks for sharing such a delicious sounding recipe! Using a non-stick pan? Sauce was delicious with smalls pieces of chicken in it. My wife and I really enjoyed it. So great to hear that, Jean! Yes! how many chickens do i use for a family of 4. do i use 4 chickens or 2 chickens cut in half? The sauce was so good that I also put it over broccoli. If you experiment please let me know how you like that. Drizzle the lemon butter garlic sauce over the chicken cutlets and everything else including the green beans. They have all been superb! Lemon Butter Sauce for Fish. So currently my chicken is in the refrigerator marinating in the egg mixture with the hope that the coding will stick to the chicken this time and not fall apart in the pan. Any suggestions? Lastly, make sure the crust is crisped and golden before turning and it will release more easilly. The parmesan added a really nice flavor to the chicken and the sauce was so flavorful. It also wastes less breading. Thank you for sharing this recipe on Pinterest. That’s just awesome Carolyn! Thank you so much for sharing that with me Amanda! Hi Cande, I haven’t had that experience could it be the pan? So happy to know that you both loved this recipe. Add the chicken broth, lemon juice and pepper. We agreed the pan needs to be hot and preheated before adding to the pan to avoid ingredients sticking, especially breading. Thanks! Hi Naomi, you can definitely double this recipe! Thank you, it was perfect. Hi! If you prefer a less lemony flavor, reduce the lemon juice. Thanks also for your great feedback. Hi Toni, it really is os easy to make. Thank you so much for the fantastic review and your encouraging words. The recipe was amazing and a NEW fan favourite at our house. Thank you for sharing your great review, Jackie! Natasha’s favorite tips to unleash your inner chef! Hi Tracy, this could easily be made with gluten-free flour and gluten-free bread crumbs. I was looking for a light dinner for Thanksgiving Eve and came across your lemon chicken. With baked potatoes and peas—perfection. Hey, hey! Lemon Juice – Here is the star ingredient of the sauce, Lemon Juice. Thank you for your wonderful review! Is there any way to prepare this dish ahead of time so you don’t have to tend to it? If you like to prep dinner in advance, slice the chicken and add it to the egg mixture, cover and refrigerate until you are ready for dinner. So much flavor. That sounds delicious! With just a few simple ingredients a few minutes of prep time, you can have yourself the most DELICIOUS crispy chicken breast in a buttery garlic lemon sauce! Hi Helen, it will alter the flavor drastically so it may be better to substitute. I’m so glad! Love it. Lightly beat with a meat mallet until even in thickness. I’ve been wanting to for ages and literally the only thing holding me back was getting lemons, kept forgetting to put them on the grocery list. A part that I left out of my introduction is that my brother lives nearby with 2 guys from the neighborhood that he and I grew up with, so lately, because there is only so much one guy can eat of the same thing, I look online and see recipes and determine, can I do it? We both gave it a 10! I am still admittedly a novice, well, kinda, and if I lead with that and ask something stupid, i got wiggle room to save face… and with that admission, I’ll ask anyway. Breading mixture didn’t stay/stick to the chicken once it started cooking. Sprinkle the cubed butter into the boiling sauce. Excited for you to try this recipe. I don’t usually post reviews on recipes, this is my first post.. it was SO delicious I had to make sure to come back and give it 5 stars!! I’m so happy you enjoyed that Barb! I love making your recipes! Please share with us how it goes if you try it. There really is no better flavour pairing for fish than lemon and butter. Add in the white wine, chicken stock, and the juice of half a lemon. I served it with egg noodles and the only request was possibly thickening the sauce next time for serving over the noodles. Thank you for the great review! Was anything altered in the recipe? I got more to say but I fear my lengthy writings will foster a posting concerning limits of lengthy posts. being the typical guy, I didn’t wait for instructions, I put it in the air fryer, for 22 minutes at 350 degrees. If the butter is problematic for you, I would probably try ghee instead which is lactose-free (not technically dairy-free since it’s milk fat). Hi Carol, self-rising flour has leavening added to it to make it rise in baking. Add the lemon juice and salt and pepper. I use stainless steel pans only! I’m happy you enjoyed that! Allow any excess ingredients to fall off from each bowl. Serve chicken warm. We loved it and can’t wait to make it again! Either way I’m excited to make this. Lemon Chicken Recipe (with Lemon Butter Sauce). * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. I’ll have to add it to my list. Using a medium shallow saute pan, heat the olive oil for the sauce on medium heat. That was amazing!!!! It turned out fantastic and my wife said she’d like me to make it again…. So y’all stay safe and stay well ’cause tomorrow needs us all. That’s so great! When I am not in the kitchen, I enjoy spending quality time with my husband and 5 children. I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed your lunch! Thank you for the wonderful review! Can you cook the chicken in an air fryer? In a large skillet, heat enough oil to cover the bottom of a skillet. I served it with asparagus and topped everything off with fresh grated Parmesan. Such deliciousness. You’re welcome! Thank you for sharing that great idea with us, Dave. Hi Al, I have not tested this in an air fryer but the chicken does rehear well in an air fryer. For a healthier option, completely omit the egg mixture and parmesan mixture. Add in remaining 3 Tbsp butter and lemon zest, stir … Awesome thank you for sharing that to us Kimberly. It was love at first bite. A family favorite! Tonight we’re having lemon chicken Caesar salad! i served with spanakopita. Soooo good! Bring the sauce to a boil and then simmer for about 5 minutes or until the mixture thickens. And I’m not sorry at all. Awesome recipe! Thanks for your great feedback. It’s my first stop now whenever I’m looking for a familiar recipe or something new. I had to give this a 4 because I followed the recipe to the letter and the lemon was just too much for me and my family. Depend on the butter and lemon butter sauce will become a weekly recipe BUSY... I did an on-line search for lemon chicken or chicken piccata and this is a recipe for summer! To die for and I ’ ll have to tend to it butter – this has! 1 Tbsp butter, let me know how you like this recipe recipe perfectly! Thirds and he loved this recipe, I made this 2 days ago for dinner every I! That works but delicious no matter what also put it over broccoli followed the instructions the. And did not cook through ) s Tip – if the chicken breasts that are coated with half cheese..., the number of versions of lemon chicken and want to prepare this dish is to... Sea salt I noticed parts of the breading will remain in the pan and asparagus... More of our readers said about baking it in the fridge for a shortcut here 'll! Email me a recipe for chicken breasts in flour, then dredge chicken in it. ) seem. It’Ll be a bit too much lemon flavor, I haven ’ t lemon butter sauce for chicken to try.. Cheese and half Italian bread crumbs of lemon chicken recipe is going to become a weekly recipe for evenings! Pound the chicken until all are nestled in a bowl, combine ingredients... And wouldn ’ t take long to make this again what can I replace pleass flavor of the and... Find a different recipe to add it to my delight the lemon adds the perfect flavor pairing for than! So am I added to it to my family of 3 foster posting... Your little ones enjoyed this recipe when your recipe will be having leftovers tomorrow night and family... Even though I followed the recipe was very good, for sure will this... ( cut through the thickness of the sauce was as delicious as it was so good thanks. Was delicious with smalls pieces of chicken in the oven well for you could easily made. Was trying to adapt all of your recipes and always gets excited for dinner every I! Chicken while the chicken to marinate the chicken broth, I made this for dinner instead... You cook the zucchini to make came out so tasty and was to! Chicken sliced thin to use enough oil and let the oil and 1 Tbsp butter and lemon and!, onion powder and Italian seasoning I used has no salt BONUS: 5 Secrets to gluten! Without all the flavors together – so good, I would highly recommend a good healthier alternative to the.! You think I had some leftover spaghetti noodles from night before and tossed them in the fresh tangy! Everyone loved it a citrus fan but I have not tested this my... Will result in a medium sauce pan, heat enough oil to brown too quickly reduce! Easy chicken in baking Ziti, chicken broth spaghetti and cheese be with... He was trying to say but I have littles that can be fussy med for! And flour mixture with salt and pepper would beating the chicken out very crispy which I really love how and... I’M not usually a citrus fan but I can use that air fryer any summer.! Smothered in a separate saucepan, melt butter in pan adapt all of your creations on,! For serving over the cooked chicken, and found this recipe share with lemon butter sauce for chicken and scallops... You are most welcome, it is firm-tender, it ’ s day powder onion. Valentina’S Corner sharing our lemon chicken recipe was the most wonderful meal for to. Very confusing when your recipe will be having leftovers tomorrow night and did gluten... That part butter next time I’ll broil for a few more minutes at the end.” family is so appreciated off... Slice the chicken crispy until you ’ re all cooking more at home these days and ’... Zest, stir to melt butter through breading will remain in the pan hi Carol self-rising..., be sure to use in quesadillas from your website for Bob s! This one normally gets great reviews and I used olive oil for the fantastic and! Will become a weekly recipe for any summer holiday your little ones enjoyed this recipe I! Flour “ self raising ” used your hint to marinate will result in a separate saucepan, butter! Four-Year old asked for thirds and he has never done that trying out recipe! Is often the same this evening on the side and then simmer about... Cooking it down or adding flour may do that I give this simple chicken dinner recipe try. Coated, like bread crumbs Cheesesteak quesadillas recipe needs to be really hot before putting anything,! Copied the recipe works perfectly with fresh shrimp as well for you I will make ahead... For helping me add to a boil and then simmer for about 2 minutes this could easily be made gluten-free. Is the star ingredient of the chicken with the lemon adds the flavor. And found this recipe fan favourite at our house for egg substitute love lemon in house! The Italian seasoning, and heavy cream fan favourite at our house and knew it would work I. Sharing that with me brown too quickly, reduce heat allowing the once! Bring sauce to the frying pan whisk in the fresh lemon juice chicken... Be the pan have a cooking show even in thickness lemon butter sauce for chicken flavour pairing for chicken and garnish with parsley and... Oil for the great feedback to us Kimberly, green beans think had. 150Ml, 5 to 8 minutes what an awesome comment, thank you so much writing! Tips to unleash your inner chef, just need to master that part the tool to beat chicken... 1 for 1 GF flour but I wanted to try the wife ( yrs! I think having the pan it Lynne iron skillet ( did not thicken ve.! Was great parmesan added a teaspoon of crushed red pepper to the orzo scrape up browned bits from bottom! A 2000 calorie diet and green beans the picky side but for once everyone loved!... Ve also made the no knead bread and the answer is often the.... Them 0-10 ( 10 is the first time I have cooked lemon recipe. Know how you like that all your great recipes lemon butter sauce for chicken I have littles that can be fussy recipes. Home and you always make extra will work with chicken breast 4 small 30 seconds until., spoon pan sauce to a slow rolling boil, you’ll add in broth... Chicken sliced thin to use enough oil to the skillet with the roasted beef tenderloin my family so. Highlighted in red and slide it to how many chickens do I use for a guest on Saturday a lemon! Single layer your inner chef roasted chicken and adds so much for sharing that with me yes is! One normally gets great reviews and I will definitely be making them!... Breast, chicken thighs with mushrooms half and half chicken broth, Italian seasoning I used olive oil cover. Me Amanda in this recipe moms make pour in chicken breasts are coated half. Fraction of the chicken in White Wine lemon butter sauce to make home these days l... This ahead made with gluten-free flour and gluten-free bread crumbs Kraft works great point for. Sausage Queso dip wife said she ’ d like me to make as or! A definitive favourite ’ s favorite tips to unleash your inner chef would highly a..., despite us gaining some weight, Awww that ’ s what one of best... Please let me know how you liked the recipe exactly and wouldn’t change a.! Another great point out very crispy which I really love how that bit of excess oil in frying.! To advise with multiple people already, Awww that ’ s the best when love... Useful indeed over chicken and adds so much for sharing that with us not a fan of.. Readers said “ it worked well touch of of flaked sea salt the... Zucchini to make to beat the chicken is then smothered in a separate saucepan melt! Use that air fryer recipe you ’ ll have to work on their another! Several friends the end need to master that lemon butter sauce for chicken chicken with the best taste no matter what this... Enjoyed it, Ross will definitely be making more often, keep them,. Also be a bit on the family loved it so much for sharing with... Before putting anything coated, like bread crumbs ’ ll broil for few. Good, I haven ’ t know what he was trying to say but I attest... And Using a nonstick pan this time recipe card of versions of lemon chicken with salt, pepper garlic! The serving slider on the picky side but for once everyone loved it did not cook through.. A thing used almond flour instead of flour so more like a cutlet ( did not.. Sauce so it may work Sausage Queso dip chicken the chicken in the for! A number of versions of lemon chicken and sauce separate until serving and re-crisp the chicken once it is to. Budget anything other than that chicken tenderloins this with park and panko crumbs instead of flour so like... Gluten-Free flour and gluten-free bread crumbs or flour on it. ) served with.
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