Occasionally there come a few days in March where you won’t need a winter jacket, but for the most part visitors coming to Prague in March should pack for wet winter weather. Temperatures you can expect to see in Prague in November average from a high of 47° to a low of 38° F (8° – 3° C). This month is known as a … The winters are gray and chilly, but not getting extremely cold. There IS such a thing as Czech wine…and it’s quite good! Summer is warm without periods of prolonged heat. Country: Czech Republic, City: Prague. Prague, Czech Republic - Travel and vacation weather averages, current conditions and forecasts. 41 ° 31 ° 4. During the month of May, June and July you are most likely to experience good weather with pleasant average temperatures that fall between 20 degrees Celsius (68°F) and 25 degrees Celsius (77°F). In Prague, the average percentage of the sky covered by clouds experiences significant seasonal variation over the course of the year.. July is on average the WARMEST month. It is also a great time to explore one of Prague’s many gorgeous parks. March is a dry month with an average of 28mm (1.1in) rain. There are more things to do in Pilsen Czech Republic than you can shake a mug of beer at! Looking for the best boutique hotels in Prague? Get the forecast for today, tonight & tomorrow's weather for Prague, Prague, Czechia. We’ve got you covered! Are you planning on visiting Prague soon? Nov. 41°F 5°C. We know you probably hear this often about many places but…as you ... Beautiful Karlstejn Castle happens to be located very close to Prague. 22°F-5°C. Please also visit Prague Historical Weather, Weather widget and Weather Charts pages. Prague has a temperate continental climate. We highly recommend taking the trip. It is possible to run into a late summer in early October, as happened in 2018. The sun rises at an average time of 5:00 am and sets around 9:00 pm. Looking for the best place to have a beer in Prague? 24° August is on average the WARMEST month. Early September in Prague typically sees the end of summer, and the start of wetter and cooler temperatures. Continuing our theme of winter in Prague March is still rather cold, overcast, and wet. Prepare for rain and be pleasantly surprised when the sun refuses to go away. We have lived in Prague for almost three years now. ... Prague, Prague, Czech Republic Monthly Weather. Find out more about our data sources. In addition, May is home to the Prague Spring Music Festival which … Gone are the bright lights of the Christmas Markets which give the city such a warm and festive atmosphere. There are 12 UNESCO sites in the Czech Republic…and you should visit ALL of them on a day trip (or longer) from Prague! With an average of 500mm (19.6 inch) of precipitation on a yearly basis, Prague is drier than the French capital Paris. While visitors can expect a decent amount of rainy days, generally speaking May is a great time to visit Prague and have a comfortable and pleasant time. Prague has a temperate continental climate. Average Weather during November in Prague (Central Bohemia), Czech Republic. Show in Inches. Prague, Hlavni mesto Praha, Czech Republic - Monthly weather averages including average high and low Temperature, Precipitation, Pressure, Wind Charts to assist you in planning your travel, holiday or an outdoor activity at Prague, Czech Republic You should pack spring clothes, long sleeves, and some rain gear if you plan on spending most of your time out doors in May. Keep in mind that these are just averages, and the temperature can rise significantly. Summer is warm without periods of prolonged heat. (function() { It's an amazing place for swimming and it is a paradise for hikers. 46 ° 26 ° 1. Based on weather reports collected during 1985–2015. Web Design & Development by Eldo Web Design. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best possible user experience on Just a Pack. Prague Weather in May - Temperature, Rainfall & Sunshine. Subscribe to our newsletter. Prague. Monthly Averages . @*/false; if (!IE) { return; } if (document.compatMode && document.compatMode == 'BackCompat') { if (document.getElementById("af-form-1165774335")) { document.getElementById("af-form-1165774335").className = 'af-form af-quirksMode'; } if (document.getElementById("af-body-1165774335")) { document.getElementById("af-body-1165774335").className = "af-body inline af-quirksMode"; } if (document.getElementById("af-header-1165774335")) { document.getElementById("af-header-1165774335").className = "af-header af-quirksMode"; } if (document.getElementById("af-footer-1165774335")) { document.getElementById("af-footer-1165774335").className = "af-footer af-quirksMode"; } } })(); -->, Your email address will not be published. Overwhelmed by the hundreds o... Are you guys looking to travel from Prague to Budapest? The hotel is located in a stunning setting, a picture perfect alpine village. But we’re going to help you try! Historically February is slightly warmer than January, but by a small margin. Prague Monthly Weather. Get the monthly weather forecast for Prague, Prague, Czechia, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. January February March April. The climate guide for Prague, Czech Republic shows long term monthly weather averages processed from data supplied by CRU (University of East Anglia), the Met Office & the Netherlands Meteorological Institute. Rain should lessen over what Prague sees in May, but it is still very possible to run into showers, or even a couple of grey rainy days here and there. In previous years there have been occasional heatwaves across the city in late June, such as in 2019, when temperatures at the skyrocketed to over 90° F (32° C). There are plenty of Prague hostels ready to take your money, but not all of them are created equa... Getting around the Czech capital is pain free thanks to the fabulous Prague public transport system. Sunrise in November is around 7:15 am with an early sunset of 4:15 pm. 7:07 pm CST sun mon tue wed thu fri sat. By train, plane, bike, bus, car, motorcycle, or simply ... As long time residents we have spent many hours exploring Prague parks. Awesome choice... How to Spend a Weekend in Prague – What to Do in Prague in 3 days. Czechs are allowed to shop and eat out again, Travelers are only allowed to enter Czech Republic for essential purposes, La Tomatina is a spectacle you don't want to miss, The most beautiful fishing village of Italy, The Berghotel Rehlegg, a sustainable hotel in the dreamlike scenery of the Alps. The data used in these monthly averages covers a period of over 100 years right up until last year. With many hours of daylight to enjoy July in Prague is perfect for ice cold brews in one of Prague’s many outdoor beer gardens, and day hikes near the city that can show tourists the beauty of the Czech Republic in a pretty short timespan. ... Prague, Prague, Czech Republic Monthly Weather. This month should be avoided if you are not a big fan of rain. Summary. Current and forecast weather conditions for Prague including seasonal information for travelers. There is SO much value in getting off the beaten path in Prague. The average number of days each month with rain, snow, hail etc. Sunrise is around 7:20 am in October, and the sun sets around 6:00 pm. October in Prague is cooler and wetter than September, and by the end of the month it can start to feel like winter. – 2020 Local’s Guide, 25 Best Bars in Prague – A Local’s Guide to Drinking in Prague, 12 of the Coolest Castles in the Czech Republic. Temperatures you can expect to see in Prague in March average from a high of 50° to a low of 36° F (10° – 2° C). That said there IS a chance of a late summer popping up at some point in September, bringing back the sun and even some humidity for what might be one last hurrah. So were we! Prague is super awesome, it’s a very beautiful city. 46 ° 38 ° 3. The months of August have a high chance of precipitation. We say “should” because summer weather has been rather unpredictable in the last few years. Prague Air Temperature, °F. January in Prague tends to be cold, overcast, and a tad gloomy. Prague to Budapest – Getting There by Train, Plane, Bike, and More! Late April is one of the more beautiful times of the year to visit Prague. If you want to get into the spirit of the holidays there is no better way w... Is exploring Prague on a budget possible? Sunrise in August is around 5:50 am with golden sunsets coming down at 8:30 am-ish. })(); Trees start exhibiting their fall foliage towards the end of the month, which is always something worth seeing in Prague and the Czech Republic, and the amount of tourists in the city decreases to more manageable levels than in the dead of summer. We do not use your personal data, and will never sell it. You are less likely to encounter freezing temperatures in March, but the weather isn’t going to be something you write home about. A must see for the bucket list. The truth is, the weather in Prague and in the Czech Republic in general can be very unpredictable. Sunrise occurs around 7:15 am and sets at around 5:30 pm, giving tourists about an hour of precious daylight more than in the previous month. It is a great idea to take a balloon trip at sunrise. The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Prague in November is 0.0°C (32°F). Keep in mind that these are just averages, and temperatures can rise significantly. 58 ° 30 ° 2. It’s safe to say that much like the end of April, May is when Prague is at its most gorgeous. Chances of snowfall are moderate, but when it DOES fall you are in for a real treat. Low. The weather is warm, but not hot and with flowers blooming, the city is a wonder to be explored. Prague Weather and When to Go; Prague Weather Forecast; Tip: Everyone tells you not to trust the Czech taxi drivers especially to and from the Airport. Temperatures you can expect to see in Prague in August average from a high of 78° a low of 59° F (25° – 15°). – A Monthly Guide to Prague Weather. 55 ° 27 ° 5. From our own anecdotal experience most rainy days in October in Prague clear up towards the latter half, and you can sometimes be treated to very impressive sunsets over Prague Castle. No Spam! Pack accordingly! We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. There are dozens of amazing castles in the Czech Republic. Weather.com brings you the most accurate monthly weather forecast for with average/record and high/low temperatures, precipitation and more. Temperatures you can expect to see in Prague in February average out from a high of 41° to a low of 30° F (5 – -1° C). Prague, Czech Republic - Current weather, an hourly forecast for today, tomorrow, detailed 10-day weather forecast and long range monthly outlook. Seemingly gone is the sun as well, so don’t expect to have even a few sunny days in Prague in January. High. Prague sunrise & sunset times for May 2021. We’re here to help! Prague March Weather Averages. October can be potentially rainy, with an average of 16 wet days. Curious what the average weather is like in Prague in a specific month? 6 Unmissable Beer Spas in Prague and the Czech Republic! Average Wind Speed, mph. Welcome to charming Mariánské Lázně –... What is the Weather in Prague Like? Portofino is the most beautiful fishing village in Italy and maybe even in the world. Temperatures rise significantly, and toward the end of the month you can expect to see cherry blossoms bloom in parks and streets all across the city. We don’t recommend expecting snow, but you might get lucky. Located in the heart of Central Europe, Prag... Beer Spas in Prague and the Czech Republic As the birthplace of Pilsner, it’s not surprising that beer is a major part of Czech culture. Looking for the best holiday apartments in Prague? Sunny, Cloudy and Gloomy Days. June, July, and August are high season for Prague tourism so you can expect higher prices and larger crowds during these months, and a day trip (or longer) out of the city might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Jan. 32°F 0°C. Daylight hours are at their absolute peak in June, with an average sunrise time of 4:50 am and a sunset at 9:00 pm. The Best Hostels in Valencia – Spain on a Budget, The Best Hostels in Ljubljana – Slovenia on a Budget, Where to Stay in Prague (2020) – Best Accommodations by Neighborhood, A Snow Day in Prague – The Best of Winter in Prague, 78 Things to Do in Prague as a First Time Visitor – 2021, A Weekend in Prague – What to Do in Prague in 3 Days. Show in Fahrenheit, Feel free to use this embed code to add the graph above to your website, The average monthly total hours of sunshine over the year, The mean monthly precipitation over the year, including rain, snow, hail etc. Coupled with short days, grey skies, and fading daylight the city can often feel dark and mysterious. Looking for the best hostels in Prague? For a visitor this shouldn’t pose much of an issue, as Prague’s architecture looks impressive regardless of the weather. August in Prague is historically the hottest and most humid month of the year in the “City of a Hundred Spires”. A windbreaker might be perfect for April, and can make exploring some parts of Mala Strana in Prague much more enjoyable. March is perfect for exploring landmarks of the city without running into as many large groups of tourists as you will encounter later on in the year. August is the most wet month. There’s a reason why Pragu... Have you been researching your visit to Czechia, and have started to think about booking some Prague tours? The festive atmosphere in many squares around the country and the city of Prague help offset the darkness of winter. Winter’s grasp finally releases its hold on Prague in May, and the sun comes back to serenade the city. While it’s a gorgeous city all year round there is something truly special about a snow day in Prague. Prague, Prague, Czech Republic Monthly Weather … On many days the daytime temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius (68-77° Fahrenheit). 58 ° 31 ° 6. October is a wonderful time to take a day trip from Prague to a place like Cesky Krumlov, where you will be treated to full-on autumn colors at one of the most fairy tale looking towns you will ever see. Starting on October 22, travelers are only allowed to enter Czechia for essential purposes, such as business or study. February is a great time to explore some of Prague’s best underground pubs, and it’s also a very good time to plan a skiing vacation to Austria for expats, or for people visiting for enough time to make such a trip a reality. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 4° July is on average the WARMEST month. 50 ° 34 ° 30. The mean minimum and maximum temperatures over the year. Temperatures you can expect to see in Prague in January average from a high of 37° F to a low of 29° F (3° – 1° C). 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Average Sunny Hours Per Day. Find out more about our data sources. Rain in Prague often lasts a short time and rarely turns into a full-on downpour. Dec. 33°F 0°C. You can expect sunrise at around 6:10 am and sunset at an average of 7:50 pm. April in Prague feels more alive than the previous three months of the year, as Spring begins to peak its face out from the grey skies. Traveling around Europe on a budget can be a difficult undertaking. There is slightly more day time available, although sunlight is still sparse, as the skies remain overcast and grey. Are you trying to decide where to stay in Prague? December in Prague continues November’s themes with some extra temperature drops just to make things interesting. November is when the gloom truly returns to Prague. Annual Weather Averages Near Prague. June, July, and August are high season for Prague tourism so you can expect higher prices and larger crowds during these months. You can visit the Verzasca Valley in any season. If you want to know when you should visit the “City of a Hundred Spires” make sure to read our guide to the seasons in Prague! There are few cities as gorgeous as Prague on a snow day. The quiet region is known for its rolling green hills and it is a true hiking paradise. Czechia will now allow travelers from countries it considers to be of low risk to enter without being required to quarantine.Source: Kayak. Often times you ... Where are the best bars in Prague? This nation-wide website presents information about the weather and climate for almost every country around the world.Learn more. We personally have done so multiple times, and have never been disappointed. Sunglasses will probably start coming in handy too. However, I have learned two things about Prague which I want to share with future travelers and nomads, they are: - Only use ATMs that has the word “Bankomat” on it, all the other ATMs have really high fees or commission and may even in some cases support organized crime. The Best Prague Cafes – Caffeinated For a Cause Looking for a cup of socially conscious coffee in one of the best cafes in Prague? Prague Weather in June June in Prague means you have a good chance of encountering the first bit of full-on summer weather in the city. People join this tomato fight purely for fun. The Dolomotis form a beautiful setting for an unforgettable bucket list experience. The Gothic elements can, in fact, look even cooler than normal in such conditions. Among the Top Travel Blogs on the Planet. Sunrise in Prague in September is around 6:30 am and the sun sets at around 7:00 pm. 31°F 0°C. Average Weather during December in Prague (Central Bohemia), Czech Republic. Sunrise in the middle of March begins around 6:15 am and the average sunset comes at 6:00 pm, giving visitors to Prague in March almost 12 hours of potential daylight, although the actual sun still prefers to hide behind a steel grey sky. That said “high heat” is a very relative term when it comes to Prague. Weather.com brings you the most accurate monthly weather forecast for with average/record and high/low temperatures, precipitation and more. We have to constantly check the Prague weather forecast to know how to dress! Temperatures spiked up to around the mid-80s for a few days, before returning to average norms. January is on average the COOLEST month. Cherry blossoms will be in full bloom at the start of the month, while most trees and other flowers and plants will be spreading their green canopies across the entire city. The mean monthly relative humidity over the year, The mean monthly wind speed over the year (in meters per second). 29 Best Prague Cafes by Neighborhood! St Vitus Cathedral is the largest and most important religious building in Prague.Built in a Roman Catholic metropolitan style in 1344, the church features gothic architecture and is home to the tombs of several Bohemian kings and Roman emperors. One moment it is sunny the next moment it is raining. We’re glad you asked. Visitors coming to Prague in June will want to bring spring clothes, while also leaving the door open to wear near beach-like attire if a random heat wave comes along. You can expect cloudy skies on rainy days with intermittent periods of rain. In previous years there have been occasional heatwaves across the city in late June, such as in 2019, when temperatures at the skyrocketed to over 90° F (32° C). Precipitation Totals, in. Here are some average weather facts we collected from our historical climate data: Since today, the corona measures in the Czech Republic have been relaxed. The graphs below show the monthly weather averages over the year. In 2018 July was pretty much full on summer, while in 2019 saw tons of rain and relatively low temperature days in the city. One day it feels like summer in August the next day it feels like fall has made an early return. In the Central European country, which was the hardest hit in Europe in October, non-essential shops and restaurants reopened today. Prague has a humid continental type of climate (Köppen climate classification Dfb) with warm … Durin... Planning a trip and looking for things to do in Marianske Lazne? The weather in Prague in February is pretty much the same as it is in January. Whether you’re a backpacker, a short-term tourist, or on a romantic honeymoon there are no shortage of things to do in Prague at night. June is a perfect time to take a trip out to Bohemian Switzerland, one of the coolest national parks in all of the Czech Republic. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Visitors coming to Prague in April should pack both a light winter jacket, hats and scarves, and lighter clothes as well. July in Prague is when you SHOULD experience the very best of Summer. Bringing water-proof shoes or boots might be the key to a happy visit in February. 2 in 6 cm. Precip.