The 358th Infantry was ordered to move into an assembly area approximately 1000 yards to the east of Gourbesville. Heavy enemy fire, both artillery and flat trajectory, continued to rain upon the only vehicular approach route and thwarted all efforts of engineers to construct a ford for the passage of tanks. On August 20, 1944, John D. "Bud" Hawk (1924-2013) receives the Medal of Honor for heroic actions during World War II. Casualties: Total-7,549 (KIA-1,091; WIA-6,458). 3rd Bn, which completed the relief of the 2nd time at 0600, advanced due S at 0900. All efforts to force the stream line were repulsed, and the battalion secured for the night on the positions it had won by mid-afternoon. As of 1 June 1944, the 90th Infantry Division was disposed in marshalling areas as follows: The main body of the Division was stationed in the XXIX District, Western Base Section, located generally North and East of the Cities of Cardiff and Newport, Wales. 358ths attack was finally and definitely set up for 22 0600. Bn halted forward motion after cutting main lateral road on ISLAND awaiting armored and antitank support. Upon order of Corps, the Division attacked on 10 June 1944 with the object of seizing the high ground east of the Douve River. Completion of the readjustment, slowed by the harassing fire of the enemy S of the stream, consumed a considerable portion of the morning and the 2nd Bn 357th Inf did not cross its LD until 1030. Elsewhere on the Corps front the fighting had been equally hard. After defensive action along the river Douve, the . The 90th Infantry Division landed in England, 5 April 1944, and trained from 10 April to 4 June. At 0628 when the preparation started, both battalions were rearward of the prescribed LD. 357th Inf: It was largely based on what would become the shtat of July 29, 1941, with several variations. 1st and 3rd Bns maintained and improved their advanced positions throughout the day against repeated attacks and heavy fire. Gee Colin. The division was destroyed near Vitebsk during the Soviet Vitebsk-Orsha Offensive of Operation Bagration in the summer of 1944. arrowhead); Northern France; Rhineland; Ardennes-Alsace; Central Europe, French Croix de Guerre with Palm, World War II for CT 7 was motorized and moved to take over the defensive positions formerly occupied by the 47th Infantry of the 9th Infantry Division in the vicinity of Portbail. The full importance of the nose had not become apparent until we secured it. 358th Inf: It did however control an excellent road net and good flank observation on Boche units facing 357th Inf. Perhaps someone will see these and recognize their dad or grandfather in them. By virtue of aggressive infantry action and coordinated tank s support the leading Company (A) made excellent progress and by noon had reached a point some 500 yards N of BEAU COUDRAY. 358th Inf: As the battalion moved S towards the town, a Boche infantry-tank assault struck its right flank and forced it back on the crossroad. . 391.3.6 Records of cavalry regiments (1916-41) 391.4 RECORDS OF THE ENGINEERS 1846-1939 1,076 lin. By mid-afternoon the Bn had completely cleared the regimental zone to the N and to the E of Boche stragglers and had assembled in the vicinity of LA CELLERIE awaiting regimental orders. 2nd Bn 359th Inf initiating its attack when the 3rd Bn 358th Inf came abreast, met severely strong resistance on its left flank. It was activated on 1 December 1939. Group A moved to an assembly area in the vicinity of Reuville (380968). Casualties for the day were considerably higher than on the 3rd; every inch of ground had been gained at a terrific cost. Tous droits rservs. Although our guides and liaison officers were in contact with the left elements of the 121st Inf (left assault regiment of the 8th Div) and the area between their left front and the rear of our hilltop position was clear, scattered enemy resistance remained in the right of the 121st Inf zone and slowed their progress. No additional troops of the 2nd Bn had joined G Co. At 0830 mortar and artillery fire in the 1st Bn area increased perceptibly and shortly after 0900 the Boche attacked both flanks of the Bn in considerable strength. The lateral movement of the 1st Bn 358th Inf was not completed during the night, and consequently at daybreak elements of the 2 Bns were intermingled. 3rd Bn 358th Inf passed to 359th Inf control at 1345. On the 18th of July the 4th Armd Div, available for employment in a defensive role only, replaced the 4th Inf Div in the interval between the 90th and 83rd Divs. All units remained at anchorage until late in the evening when Group A, joined convoy and initiated the Channel crossing. The attack was successful. 2nd Bn attacking on a narrow front which permitted the employment of only 1 Co encountered heavy resistance almost at the LD. 3rd Bn on the regimental right, advanced abreast of the 1st Bn 359th Inf from LASTELL through LA SALMONNERIE with the objective of seizing the main crossroad at ST GERMAIN. Thus at midnight the 8th Div had not yet passed through our lines and our resumption of the offensive was consequently postponed. The 359th Infantry Regiment was constituted for World War I at Camp Travis, Texas[a] on August 5, 1917 as a unit of the National Army. RCT 357, upon relief would move to a LD along the existing boundary between the 4th Armd Div and the 83rd Inf Div. Along the entire front, aggressive patrolling was conducted by the respective units in their defensive sectors. The mission was completed and no Germans were found. Contribute to chinapedia/wikipedia.en development by creating an account on GitHub. The DSC was awarded to two of his comrades in Company A, 344th Field Artillery Battalion, as well as two men of the 359th Infantry Regiment. Paratrooper elements infiltrated down into the valley. 358th Inf: Inactivated 26 December 1945 at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey. At 1930 still another attack, supported by heavy artillery concentration, was launched against the entire front line. 90th Light Infantry Division (Wehrmacht) From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia. G Co crossed the River without difficulty and overran the first German entrenchments. Deprived of their tank support and heavily engaged by small arms, flat trajectory mortar and artillery fire from three sides, their position had become untenable and the company was withdrawn at duck to form the frontal side of the battalion perimeter. 13 june (D+7) : Because of the severity of the fighting in the vicinity of the town, the 3rd Bn of the 357th was forced to withdraw from Gourbesville. [2], On October 17, 1999, the regiment was reorganized as 1st Battalion, 359th Regiment. Coincidental with this readjustment, 1st and 2nd Bn 358th Inf were withdrawn to rear assembly areas in vicinity of the Regtl CP at GONFRESVILLE. American planes bombed Pont lAbbe at 1700. The 359th (-) remained in Division Reserve. At 1017 the 1st Bn 358th Inf and 2nd Bn 359th Inf passed to the control of the 358th Inf. By 1000 the task had been completed and they were in full control of the long disputed NOSE on the NE edge of the FORET. 2nd Bn, attacking to secure the NE nose of the FORET, encountered heavy resistance throughout the day. 1st and 3rd Bns moved at 1700 and 1800 respectively after their relief by elements of 358th Inf. 357th Inf: Remainder of the battalion was disposed to outpost the area from BAUPTE to the regimental assembly area. Menu. The attack was firmly repulsed at duck but its weight and fury had delimited the bridgehead to a scant 300 yards depth S of the stream. The 208th Infantry Division was formed on 26 August 1939. it served in the invasion of Poland of 1939 as a reserve division of Army Group North and . The supporting units were ashore D plus 4. 90th Infantry Division. 359th Infantry and assigned to the 90th Division (later redesignated as the This announcement was not disappointing for while the Division still possessed the capacity for continued offensive action, the opportunity to reorganize was an unmitigated blessing. The Division plan visualized the commitment of this battalion on the left of the 2nd Bn 359th Inf after the latter had reached the eastern extremity of the narrow corridor through which it was attacking and had turned to the SE. The Division Commander received warning orders that the 90th Infantry Division would attack across the Merderet River through the lines of the 8nd Airborne Division with a view to cutting off the Peninsula. 25 August 1944: XV Corps, Third Army, 12th Army Group. E Co was withdrawn and rejoined the 2nd Bn, which again passed to Division control and moved to its original assembly areas SW of ST JORES. Once aware of the point of our attack, the enemy shifted more troops to the S bank of the stream to oppose us and begin mortaring and machine-gunning the deployed troops. By 1030 all fighting on the ISLAND had ceased and the Boche was in firm control of the S bank. Name Beginning With (2) Updated 7/2/11. 3rd Bn continued the attack to the W at 0900. This richly illustrated book chronologically describes the course of Operation Overlord through 357 specific events. CHERBOURG itself had fallen and the 4th and 9th Divisions were completing mop-up operations on the Citys flanks. Fujitsu fi-6770 scanner with ScandAll PRO and Adobe Acrobat XI using Color, 300 dpi, 24-bit Explore SUSTAINABLE INDIANACelebrating Hoosier Solutions to Our Climate CrisisCELEBRATING 200 YEARS 2016, Sustainable Indiana 2016, a project of Earth . In the eyes of higher headquarters the Division setback was inexplicable but in vindication of the officers and men who had fought, bled and died in a heroic attempt to make the attack a success it must be stated that a curious series of cumulative circumstances had combined to deny success. So while the rest of the Div didn't arrive until a few days later, there was one regiment that participated in D-Day. Finally, the advance of the 2nd Bn, 359th Inf, relieved pressure on the W and the 1st Bns leading elements secured ST JORES, with the bulk of the unit disposed for protection of the crossroad, whose retention was vital to the integrity of the Divisions position. 3rd Bn, initially in reserve, was committed at 1230 to restore the situation in the center of the regimental zone, effecting relief of the 2nd Bn. By dark the entire Division together with supporting units had crossed S of the PERIERS ST LO Road. Status Killed in Action. Across the entire front of the VII and VIII Corps German resistance was as strong as on the first day of the offensive. By the days end, the Division could count on an average advance of 1200 yards at a cost of over 600 casualties. 5 large scale attacks were launched from that direction but never reached the 3rd Bn, thanks to the superior work of the artillery observers and infantry commanders. At 0800 the 1st Bn on the left and the 3rd Bn on the right, moved rapidly SE against negligible resistance. General Order . 16 june (D+10) After our return to civilian . At 1600 this battalion was ordered to move to the SW toward the tip of the FORET DE MONT CASTRE to relieve pressure on the 2nd Bn 359th Inf. (4) Although Regt entered the battle at full strength, well over 50% of its Bn strengths were replacements for whom this was their first fight. Regimental plan called for an attack in column of battalions, through the right of the 329th Inf, in order 2nd, 1st and 3rd. Awards: MH-4; DSC-54; DSM-4; SS-1,418; LM-19; DFC-4; SM-55; BSM-6,140; AM-121. [2] It took part in several campaigns, including Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes Alsace, and Central Europe. Reserve Corps; redesignated 9 July 1952 as the Army Reserve), Reorganized 1 April 1959 as a parent regiment under the Combat The 82nd A/B Div on our right had made an actual gain in the left of their zone while the 79th Inf Div reported only negligible progress. As was the case in the 358th Inf attack a few days previously, the Regiment was faced with the SEVES R as an immediate obstacle. > The movement of the 1st Bn 358th Inf obliquely across its front in the vicinity of LA COUTRIE stopped further progress. At 1500, on Div order 1st Bn moved to ST JORES to fill the gap between the 2nd Bn, 359th Inf and 1st Bn, 358th Inf. Unable to silence this fire with either mortars or artillery, E Company rose to the man and charged across the stream, overrunning the German positions. The 79th Inf Div on the extreme right of the Corps had taken LA HAYE DU PUITS and was consolidating its positions. Our superior artillery and the determination of the infantry repulsed it without gain. First elements of the division saw action on D-Day, 6 June, on Utah Beach . Many men swam the water gap and reached our lines safely but 11 officers and approximately 200 men were cut off and captured. The 2nd Bn of the 259th was relieved of its assignments and rejoined the rest of the 359th. > SECTION 3 - NORTHERN FRANCE . 24 juillet 1944 VIII Corps planned to attack S, divisions abreast (79th, 82nd, and 90th), between the sea and the PRAIRIES MAR CAGLUSES DE GORGES to initially seize the ground immediately N of LESSAY-PERIERS. During the day, the Division maintained its defensive sector while elements of the newly arrived 79th Infantry Division passed through its lines. [3] After completing individual and collective training, the regiment served in France during the war, including duty in the Villers-en-Haye, Battle of Saint-Mihiel, duty in the Puvenelle Sector of Lorraine, and the MeuseArgonne offensive. B Company, 315th Engr Bn was attached to the 358th Inf to occupy and hold the high ground which would be vacated by the 2nd Bn 358th Inf when that battalion initiated its advance. Both Infantry Regiments crossed the LD at the prescribed time (the 358th at 0400 and the 357th at 0515). EN RU CN DE ES. One-half Division headquarters, plus the 3rd Battalions of the 357th and 358th, and Division Troops on the Bienville at Cardiff. It moved to an alert area and was committed to action in the vicinity of Picauville to the East of Pont lAbbe. 357th Inf: Moving for the most part dismounted, it reached PERIERS at 1530, passed through the town and continued S in the direction of ST SAUVEUR LENDELIN. On 19 February, the division smashed through Siegfried Line fortifications to the Prm River. The thrust was stopped generally along the RR but battalion control was weakened to the extent of prohibiting appreciable further advance for the remainder of the day. 1st Bn advancing S encountered comparable resistance and eventually halted for the night a few hundred yards to the left front of the 3rd Bn. 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division 388; 753 . It then raced across France, through Verdun, 6 September, to participate in the siege of Metz, 14 September 19 November, capturing Maizires-ls-Metz, 30 October, and crossing the Moselle River at Knigsmacker, 9 November. 359th Regiment Lineage. They approached our positions through a zone which took them in front of the 3rd Bn 358th Inf rather than through the cleared area in its (3rd Bns) rear. It was finally held short of its objective. a history of the 90th division in world war ii, by lt. joe abrams, 1946, 90th division association . The PRARIES extend S to GORGES, but immediately W of SW of BEAU COUDRAY bocage country resumes. Across the entire front enemy reaction was intensified adnd with 8 out of 9 infantry battalions completely committed, the possibility of a damaging enemy counter-thrust loomed large. Sergeant Hawk, Company E, 359th Regiment, 90th Infantry Division, manning a machine gun, held back encircled German forces attempting a breakout. [2] On April 1, 1959, the regiment was reorganized as a parent regiment under the Combat Arms Regimental System to consist of 1st Battle Group, a subordinate unit of the 90th Infantry Division. After our return to civilian life it will give us great satisfaction to look back at ourselves as were in combat, arid to see ourselves as the heroes of the 359th, one of the great regimental combat teams of the war. Firmed its position on the Division right and instituted an effective harassing fire plan directed at the Boche confronting them. Effective patrolling was conducted by the 359th Infantry covering a three mile sector. The Division continued its efforts to seize its assigned defensive line throughout the day, and by the latter part of the afternoon, units of the Division occupied the desired defensive position, thus affording the necessary protection for the VII Corps from Terre de Beauval to the railroad station at 288024. In the meantime, elements of CT 9 were employed by the 4th Infantry Division to mop up by-passed resistance, and to make a reconnaissance in force within its sector. The 90th Infantry Division was recognized as a liberating unit by the US Army's Center of Military History and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in 1985. At 1300, C and B Cos ignoring flanking machine gun fire jumped to the ISLAND and overcoming the immediate resistance advanced S about 1 Km. Some elements of the 90th saw action on 6 June 1944, D-Day, Utah Beach, Normandy, France.The rest of the Division entered combat 10 June. The supporting tanks were immediately knocked out by German SP guns or immobilized in the sticky underfooting. Headquarters 90th Infantry Division APO 90, U.S. Army. CT 7 (less 3rd Bn) on the Explorer at Cardiff. The Regiment was to be prepared to immediately exploit any verified withdrawal; in any event it was to exert strong pressure beginning 1400 to assist the attacks of the 358th and 359th Inf. Martee, Robert Raymond, d. 14-Jun-1944, First Lieutenant, 359th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division, U.S. Army, Missouri, Plot F, Row 11, Grave 9, Bronze Star, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, Good Conduct Medal (Army), Purple Heart, Silver Star, World War II Victory Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge The division was en route to Prague when they came upon the remaining 1500 emaciated prisoners left behind by the SS at Flossenbrg concentration camp. [4] The oak tree signifies the Forest of Argonne and the regiment's participation in the MeuseArgonne offensive. Meanwhile the 2nd Bn had crossed S of the River; the 1st Bn was scheduled for crossing at daylight. At 1950 leading elements of the battalion forced the stream and entered GORGES. While the remainder of the regiment held its now stabilized position N of BEAU COUDRAY, 2nd Bn moved to an assembly area just NE of the NOSE. It was active in Europe as part of the 90th Infantry Division during World War I and World War II, and components of the regiment were later part of the United States Army Reserve. By dar, Regiment had completely readjusted and positioned all weapons to support the attacks of the 357th and 359th Infs by fire. (1) Except in the narrow zone of the attack, the entire Army front was inactive and the Boche was able to give undivided attention to this sole threat to the integrity of his front. [2], On June 24, 1921, the regiment was reconstituted in the Organized Reserves with headquarters in Dallas and assigned to the 90th Infantry Division. Attacked in column of battalions at 0530 with the 2nd Bn leading. The 2nd Bn attacked at 0800 and meeting practically no resistance, advanced rapidly to LE PLESSIS. By 1300 all leading elements had reached the ST SAUVEUR LENDELIN MARGINY ROAD. 26 june (D+20) By 1145 the I and R Plat was operating to the front and left of the Bn. Elements of CT 9 (- Group A) assembled at Reuville by nightfall. of the 1st Battalion, an element of the 91st Division (Training Support); 1st The 369th Croatian Infantry Division German 369. The 90th Infantry Division after action report that month reported that on June 23, 1944, "The 358th and 359th Infantries relieved the 507th Parachute [Infantry] Regiment in the areas South of the Douve River." During the next few days were relatively quiet, aside from patrollingand fending off German patrols. Elements of the 90th Infantry assaulted and captured the German-held Fort de Koenigsmacker 912 November. During the morning hours, a very few men from I and L Co worked their way back to our lines and reported that the great bulk of the two isolated companies had been killed or captured. The only route through the attack area was a fire break on which Company I, the left assault company, guided. 90th Infantry Division "Alamo Division" "Tough Ombres" The division insignia consists of a monogrammatic red "T" and "O" on a square olive drab background. DURAUVILLE and GONFREVILLE, and the crossing E of the latter town were seized without incident and the regimental front advanced to the high ground overlooking the SEVES RIVER from NAY inclusive westward to contact the 359th Infantry. Soon they would be storming Utah beach. 22 june (D+16) 25 june (D+19) [4] The fleur-de-lis represent the regiment's participation in the Battle of Saint-Mihiel and battles that took place in Lorraine. BPL The 3rd Bn assembled in Regimental Reserve N of GONFREVILLE. 3rd Bn 358th Inf, when its front had been covered by their advance, was released from 359th Inf control and rejoined its Regt. Regimental System, redesignated as the 359th Regiment, and reorganized to consist 359th Inf: It was assigned to 31st Army, where it remained until . The fight raged all day without gain. District of Columbia. It was strongly recommended that the 121st Inf on the left of the 8th Div veer to the left of its zone and approach its LD (our present front line) over ground which had been cleared by our units thereby bypassing the scattered resistance still remaining W of the 3rd Bn 358th Inf. Casualty figures for the 90th Infantry Division, European theater of operations: Total battle casualties: 19,200; Total deaths in battle: 3,951 2nd Bn 358th Inf in the center of the Regtl line was attacked at 0330 by an estimated German battalion. The battle of the ISLAND had been a costly failure, shattering as it had 2 battalions of infantry. 90th Rcn Tr: The 358th, with two Battalions abreast, made an assault against the town of Pont lAbbe (Etienville) from the East. The 359th Infantry was ordered to continue its offensive in the vicinity of Picauville. 90th Inf Div had reached its assigned objectives and with them secure the 1st Phase of the VIII Corps offensive ended. Organized in September 1917 at Camp Travis, Texas. Nevertheless, the 358th was ordered to motorize one battalion and hold it on call. The situation was sufficiently critical in the area of the 3rd Bn 359th Inf that the 2nd Bn 358th Inf was directed to move to occupy the high ground from which the 3rd Bn, 359th Inf had jumped off in the morning, filling the gap between the 2nd and 3rd Bns of 359th Inf. The plan in brief was as follows: (a) 359th Inf, on the right, to seize and consolidate the FORET DE MONT CASTRE, a rugged and heavily wooded hill mass which dominated the entire Corps zone. Notice All rights reserved. On our left the 4th Infantry Division maneuvering deliberately through difficult swampy terrain made excellent progress. At 1645 the 1st Bn, supported by the fire of the 2nd Bn 359th Inf launched a frontal attack against the German position on the crest. Fortunately, D-Day was postponed for a minimum of 24 hours by unfavorable weather. Museum Artifacts Museum Exhibits; Mission; Projects. 1st and 2nd Bns 358th Inf initiated movement at 0100 from vicinity GORGES to forward assembly areas designated for the attack, closing the rest 0400 hours. 6 june (D-Day) : After defensive action along the river Douve, the division attacked to clear the Foret de Mont-Castre (Hill 122), clearing it by 11 July, in spite of fierce resistance. From this position in a coordinated effort with the right Regt of the 83rd Inf Div, (fsth Inf), RCT 357 would attack SW along the CARENAN PERIERS Road, cutting off the Island and making contact with the 359th Inf N of PERIERS. 22 July 1944 183. The planned attack of E Co did not materialize because of the failure to organize it properly. Storming the "Heinies" well fortified positions was work enough for that day. The Boche gave no respite sided by his excellent observations which pinpointed our disposition as of dusk, he continued a hell of artillery, mortar and harassing machine gun fire which increased the problems of re supply and readjustment of local supports and reserves.